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Safe surf warning: the websites listed are all relatively family-friendly sites, but as with all Internet surfing, be aware that following a chain of links may eventually lead to you to sites you may find objectionable.

Parents, don't let your children surf alone!

General Show Information -

Timeline - 1971 to 1972 should be 365 days, but in Adam-12 time . . . who knows??

L.A. According to A-12 Street Guide - (coming soon) - listing of some of the more commonly heard locations and streets.

Character Bios:

Bios are still (and probably will always be) under construction. If you would like to contribute information about any character, please email me.

Officer James A. Reed

Officer Peter J. Malloy

Sgt. William MacDonald

Officer Ed Wells

Officer Gerard "Jerry" Woods

Officer Brinkman

Jean Reed

Sgt. Jerry Miller

Lieutenant Moore

Tony the Mechanic


Memorable Minor Characters - characters that may have only appeared in a single episode but left indelible impressions on us all.

Police Resources:

LAPD Shift Schedule

LAPD Radio codes

LAPD Unit Designations

Phonetic Alphabet

Commonly-used LAPD Acronyms

California Penal Codes - not an official LAPD website, but it has a lot of interesting information about the LAPD. - Official website of the LAPD. Includes maps of the districts, organizational charts, press releases, and more.

Unofficial History of the LAPD Communications Division - fascinating educational site, complete with some very familiar pictures of the patrol car radio and communications center. Also includes links to scanner sites, and a chilling compressed .wav of the North Hollywood schootout, February 27, 1997.

California Highway Patrol

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - excellent general law enforcement news and information site.

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Information about California and Los Angeles

National Weather Service/LA - includes monthly climate information, precipitation reports, and other goodies dating all the way back to 1877.

Weatherbase-Historical Weather for Los Angeles, CA - concise information on monthly weather statistics.

Calflora - Searchable database for plants, trees, flowers and other botanical information about the state of California.

Southern California Natural History - more information on plants and animals.

Los Angeles Public Library

City of Los Angeles home page

City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks

California Division of Tourism

Los Angeles County Beaches

Los Angeles Almanac - tons of information on everything from weather to parks to earthquakes to government and more.

Los Angeles, Past Present and Future - fascinating USC site filled with photos and information about L.A.

Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest - great resource if you plan to write a story that sends anyone into the wilds around L.A.

Criminology Resources

Evidence: The True Witness - forensic science website offers a basic history of the developments in forensic science. Great source of basic information about ballistics, fingerprinting, hair & fiber identification, DNA, and other types of evidence. Also has links to other forensic sites on the web.

Fire and Arson Investigation Resource Page - Includes links, articles, discussion board and a dictionary of arson/fire related topics.

The Crime Library tm - One of the better sites available for researching true crime stories and gaining an understanding of the criminal mind. Content may be disturbing to some.

Dean's Forensic Web Page - links to law enforcement and forensic sites. - tremendous amount of links to crime and law enforcement websites. - news-centered online network committed to crime, justice, and safety.

Medical/Psychological Resources (Be advised that the treatment protocols listed in any of these sites may be different than what would have been done in the 1970s. But it's a good starting place. And the symptoms don't change, of course.)

Tears of a Cop - Under Pressure - information on post-traumatic stress, police officer suicide, links to many sites dealing with occupational stress of law enforcement and its effects on the peace officer.

The Heavy Badge - excellent resource for understanding how the stress of the job can affect LEO's. - searchable database on trauma and disease, their symptoms, and treatments.

The Merck Manual - searchable medical reference.

Miscellaneous Research

NEW! How Stuff Works - pretty much self-explanatory. Includes descriptions on how everything from airplanes to household appliances to the human body works.


Writing Resources: - a writers' site that includes an excellent section on the fanfiction genre. - new writing website from the woman behind - Writers' treasure trove of handy reference guides. Includes all kinds of reference books, from Bartlett's Quotations to Robert's Rules of Order to Roget's II: The New Thesaurus.

Fan Writers' Resource - links to all kinds of great writing information and reference guides.