Officer Brinkman

First name: could be Bob or Robert.

Height: about 5'11"

Weight: around 170-180 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, sometimes wears mustache

Badge number: Not given

Serial number: Not given

Personal: Married

Career Highlights: Came up with a successful plan to nab purse snatchers by going undercover at a bus stop dressed up as a little old lady.

Career Lowlights: Had one really bad day where he missed a court appearance and learned he'd get a penalty day for it, then later in the same shift misfired his shotgun twice out in the station parking lot, earning himself the nickname "Boom-boom", hung on him by Pete Malloy. Once responded to a 502 in an alley who'd been beaten up by a citizen, Jennings Thornton, an apparent police buff who actually hated cops. Thornton tried to hang the beating on Brinkman, but a review board cleared him of the charge.

Personality/Quirks/Miscellaneous: A competent officer, a little on the flaky side. Tends to like the same kind of jokes as Reed. Does not like the idea of riding in helicopters. Was partnered with Bill Walters, then Ed Wells.