Officer Edward Wells


Date of birth: None given, although he was known in his family as a "late baby"; probably close to or a little older than Pete Malloy.

Place of birth: Unknown

Height: approx 5' 10"

Weight: approx 170 lbs?

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde, slightly thinning

Badge Number: Unknown

Serial Number: Unknown

Marital Status: Married, five children. Oddly, his wife had three names in three different seasons: Betty, season 1; Eileen, season 4; or Pam, season 7. Either the writers were trying to imply he'd been divorced and remarried, or more likely, it was a lapse in continuity.

Childhood/Family: Has a kid brother and a niece named Marilyn Tate, who lived with him (and who worked at the station and dated Pete Malloy briefly).

Career Highlights: Came up with a successful plan for officers to go undercover as bicycle-riding paper boys to catch car strippers.

Career Lowlights: Wounded when in an extreme lapse of judgment he charged a house where a gunman was holed up. Hung a parking ticket on one of the police commissioners who was at the station for a ride-along. Took up donations from all the officers on watch to give to a man who claimed to have a seriously ill child, only to find out from Mac that the man was a con artist. Has a tendency to show up late for roll call.

Job-related Injuries: Shot in the shoulder by a lone gunman holed up in a house.

Personality Traits: Cocky. Often comes across as arrogant--Pete Malloy once politely referred to him as "very definite". Self-confident in the extreme. Always considers himself to be right until proven otherwise, but then is (usually) quick to accept that he was wrong. Rides other officers, especially Jim Reed, unmercifully. Good heart, despite the prickly and often annoying exterior. Unique sense of humor. Brave but occasionally foolhardy. Stubborn. Generally mistrustful of people, but sometimes lets his guard down and gets snookered. Doesn't suffer rookies patiently. Unimaginative when it comes to making up excuses for why he's late for shift.

Personality Quirks: Wears his hat so low he has to tilt his head back and look down his nose to see anything. Likes to tell bad jokes. Tells war stories ad nauseum.

Favorite Foods: Apparently likes Chinese.

Hobbies: Occasionally drag races in his kid brother's car. Plays poker.

Notable Quotes:

"I'm not gonna stand around watching a bunch of blue dacron cowboys chasing after my niece!" - to Pete Malloy