Sergeant "Mac" MacDonald

Date of birth: Unknown

Place of birth: Unknown

Height: approx 6' (wears size 11 boots)

Weight: approx 195 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Badge Number: Unknown

Marital Status: Married, one teenage son, Billy; one daughter, Elizabeth. Wife Mary owns an antique store.

Career Highlights: Maintained Expert shooting qualification; achieved rank of Sergeant. Won the shotput competition at the first annual Police Olympics in San Diego, 1967.

Career Lowlights: Was accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian with the black & white, but was later exonerated.

Job-related Injuries: Unknown.

Personality Traits: Firm. Honest. A tough but fair sergeant. Compassionate, but occasionally impatient. A seasoned professional on the job. Worries a lot about his son. Faithful husband. Quick witted. A little sensitive about jokes about his age. Often gets exasperated at Reed and Malloy's inside jokes. Likes flashy cowboy boots, but not very wild about riding horses.

Notable Quotes/Favorite Expressions:

"Get back out on the street!" - to Reed or Malloy, in various forms.

"You've been on the job three weeks. You don't have an opinion." - to Jim Reed, A Jumper, Code 2.