LAPD Radio Codes*

*As commonly heard on Adam-12; not an exhaustive nor necessarily current list.

Code English
1 Acknowledge call/Respond Over Radio
2 Routine call, No Lights or Siren
2-HIGH Priority Call, No Lights or Siren
3 Emergency Call, Lights and Siren
4 No Further Assistance Needed
4-ADAM No Further Assistance Needed at Scene, Suspect Still In Vicinity
5 Stakeout - All Other Units Avoid Vicinity
6 Out of Car on Investigation
6-ADAM Out of Car on Investigation, Requires Assistance
6-CHARLES In Response to Request for Information on Suspect
6-GEORGE In Response to Gang Activity
6-MARY Militant Activity
6-ZEBRA Arrived on scene, possible suspects in area (was later replaced by 6-Adam)
7 Meal Break
8 Fire Alarm
8-ADAM Working Fire
10 Request to Clear Frequency for Crime Broadcast
12 False Alarm
20 Notify Media
30 Burglar Alarm
37 Vehicle is Reported Stolen
99 Emergency
100 In Position to Intercept