Officer Peter Joseph Malloy


Date of birth: He's given several different dates to civilians they encounter, but the most likely "real" date is October 15.

Place of birth: Detroit, moved to Seattle when he was 9 months old.

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Eyes: Blue-green or gray or blue, depending on the light

Hair: Strawberry-blonde

Badge Number: 744

Serial Number: 10743

Hire Date: November 15

Marital Status: Single

Childhood: Has called himself a "country boy". Parents were not well-off, mentions lean years during the war. Had a tan coupe that was a lemon. No siblings mentioned. Played football, in a very small conference.

Career Highlights: Promotion to Police Officer III; maintained Distinguished Expert shooting qualification; often takes temporary watch command; is highly regarded by everyone in the Division. Senior lead officer of the Division. Team Training Officer. Specific incidents: cleared his partner of any wrongdoing in an off-duty shooting; rescued wounded officer Ed Wells by driving the black and white across a lawn and using it for cover; talked a gunman into releasing the baby he was holding hostage; accepted a challenge by a biker to a moto-cross race in order to help restore neighborhood relations.

Career Lowlights: Nearly resigned from the force after his partner prior to Jim Reed is killed. Officially reprimanded for excessive use of force when arresting a child molester--received 4 days admin leave without pay. Got in hot water with Lieutenant Moore after cutting loose an armed robbery suspect to jump on a hot shot call. Failed to wait for dispatch to come back with want/warrant information on camper/pickup, resulting in his and Jim's abduction by bank robbers. Was also taken hostage while off-duty.

Job-related Injuries: Broken wrist. Broken leg, cuts, bruises, and internal injuries in rollover accident in the black & white. Shot in right shoulder when he walked in on a robbery in progress at Duke's. Shot in upper chest during a narco raid. Sustained bruises in a brawl with a former wrestler. Punched in jaw by a midget. Knocked unconscious and taken hostage during a seemingly routine traffic stop. Nearly impaled by a forklift when he was stunned after being knocked into the back of a truck by a suspect.

Personality Traits: Dry, acerbic wit. Honest. Trustworthy. Somewhat cynical. Stubborn. Private, doesn't generally talk about himself much. Likes children. Was uncomfortable around babies until Jim Reed Jr came along. Compassionate. Kind. Often chides his partner for getting emotionally involved in cases, but has been known to fail to heed his own advice. Polite. Confident. Even-tempered, but occasionally has bursts of rage at particularly vile criminals. Wily--uses his wits a little more often than his brawn in capturing suspects, living up to his "Strawberry Fox" nickname. Basically the consummate police officer--does his job well, takes it seriously, strives to improve himself in all areas, including taking college courses.

Personality Quirks: Confirmed bachelor, but finally settled down with Judy in season 7. A control freak when it comes to letting Jim drive the black and white. Backseat driver on rare occasions that Jim has driven. Accused by his partner of being "squirrelly" when he busted a robber just because he was sitting in a tan coupe (he later explained that he had a tan coupe as a teenager that was a lemon and since that time he's always "wanted to bust a guy in a tan coupe"). Hates exercising. Doesn't like getting up early on his day off, unless it's to go fishing. Calls 7 a.m. the middle of the night. Often tells Jim to "let it go" when his partner is brooding over a call, but just as often fails to take his own advice. King of the metaphorical comeback ("Heroin, the mainline to nowhere", "From now on you're on the wagon", etc.) and the deadpan one-liner. Has been spotted on a couple of episodes smoking a cigarette. Has been known to smuggle small dogs in his helmet bag to take to sick kids at Rampart General. Has an apparent aversion to snakes, generally letting his partner handle those situations.

Favorite Foods: Seems to be a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, but occasionally has to watch his weight, and has been seen ordering a veggie burger on whole wheat. Also likes strawberry-pistachio ice cream.

Hobbies: Fishing/boating. Dancing. Bowling. Coaches basketball at community center. Watching sporting events. Being godfather to James Reed, Jr.

Miscellaneous: Lives in an upper floor apartment. Landlady is a fiesty old gal named Mrs. O'Brien.

Notable Quotes/Favorite Expressions:

"I don't know, maybe you may understand you." - referring to partner Jim Reed

"It's when you start thinking before you're supposed to think, that you think yourself dead." - to partner Jim Reed

"Well, it's my allowance, Mother, I can spend it on whatever I want." - to partner Jim Reed

"Just fighting crime when and where we find it."

"Let it go, Jim."

"I shoulda listened to me."

"Five thousand men in the department and I had to draw you." - to partner Jim Reed

"I'm gonna take you back to the station and trade you in . . ." - for various different partners, said often to partner Jim Reed

"Mad never solved anything."