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Welcome to the Central Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, circa 1970. For seven seasons starting in 1968, fans of the LAPD's finest sat down every week to catch a glimpse into the lives of patrol officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed as they chased the bad guys (and a few bad gals) of Los Angeles. It's been a long time since they resumed their patrol of the streets of L.A., and you know, rumor has it that Mac hasn't been too happy about Pete and Jim's long Code Seven.

So, step into the station and see if Mac can't shake 'em loose from their years-long stakeout on the coffee pot and kick 'em back out on the street where they belong. . .

The Stories

If you like the stories, please let the writers know! Well-fed writers write more!

Report Desk New Story 5-6-09- Jim has doublechecked the spelling, Pete's made sure Jim used the right forms, and the newest stories are neatly stacked in Mac's in-basket ready for review.

Explorer Scouts - These are tales from the youngest writers in the fandom.

Interrogation Room - Special selection of Adam-12 stories based on the "What a Cop Is" speech given by Joe Friday in the Dragnet episode "The Interrogation". If you would like to submit a story for this section, click here for guidelines.

Holiday Duty- Working holidays is rough, but at least it makes for some good stories.

Detective Division - Open Case File - Adam-12 fic writers, respond code 3. These story starters need endings.

Master Index

Index of ALL stories on both Continue Patrol and the old Continue Patrol Archive site. The Continue Patrol Archive has now been integrated into Continue Patrol and no longer exists as a separate site.

Writing and Show Information

R & I - Wondering what what the heck "Code 6 Zebra" means? Afraid you might have a DB under your front porch, but you don't really know what a "DB" is? Wondering what food Jim Reed can't stand? Look through LAPD code information, character bios, writing references, and various other law enforcement and Adam-12 miscellany.

Little Blue Rule Book - Submission guidelines.

Just For Fun

Jim's Joke Book - Good, clean police humor! If you know a good police joke or funny story that hasn't already been plastered all over the internet, email it to Jim. ;)

Link Operator - In pursuit of Adam-12 websites and other law enforcement links? Check with the Link Operator. You'll also find the Emergency Fanfiction Webring here.

Chaplain's Office - Learn about Someone else who found something worth dying for. A personal page from the webmaster to you.

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