Detective Division - Open Case File


The following reports have been filed with the detectives and are in need of full investigation and closure by the writers of Adam-12 fanfiction. If you have knowledge of a crime, a crisis, or a catastrophe involving Reed & Malloy that you'd like to see the writers of Detective Division solve, email Continue Patrol with your information and we'll add it to the files. Or if you've solved a case yourself, file your report with Continue Patrol right away.*

*In other words--if you've written a story for one of these story starters or have a story starter idea of your own, send it in! CP's general Submission Guidelines apply.

DR #1 - submitted by Tina

Reed and Malloy are at the scene of an armed robbery with 2 or more suspects. Back-up and a supervisor has been requested but have not yet arrived. Reed has managed to move around to the other side of the main entrance, at an almost mirror-image location to Malloy. As the suspects exit the front, one opens fire, forcing Reed and Malloy to fire back. Malloy is hit in the chest and falls to the ground, just as back-up arrives. The situation is brought under control (how it is brought under control is up to you) and the suspects are arrested. In the aftermath, close to 40 shell casings are found at the scene. During the investigation and evidence collection, SID & Ballistics determine that Malloy was shot not by the suspects, but by Reed himself.

That Most Brutal Teacher - by Kate Webster

DR#2 - submitted by Rick C.

Jim & his wife Jean are out on a dinner date at their favorite night spot, to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary.  During their dinner together, the singer steps out on stage to perform "their" song in honor of the occasion.  As she sings, Pete & his girlfriend Judy arrive at the nightclub to join the Reeds on their big night.  They barely get seated when a bus boy suddenly pulls out a gun and starts shooting toward the stage, hitting the bass player and the singer's boyfriend.  The singer narrowly escapes being hit and runs backstage out of harm's way.  The bus boy shoves through the terrified crowd, racing after the singer, screaming that he'll kill both her and her boyfriend.  Pete and Jim have to abandon their dates to try to stop the gunman before it's too late. Can Reed & Malloy catch him in time? (It's up to you to decide!)

DR#3 - submitted by Rick C.

Officers Reed & Malloy are assigned as part of a the security detail at a Miss Teen beauty pageant held on a Friday night at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre.  Everything seems quiet from where Reed & Malloy are positioned (the writer can decide where they are, inside or outside the theatre), but as the opening music starts, the pageant is cut short by the arrival of four heavily-armed teenage terrorists, led by the reigning Teen Queen's former boyfriend.  They somehow break through the security perimeter and burst into the theatre, where they take a number of the girls hostage, and Reed and Malloy must find a way to get them to release the girls unharmed.

DR #4 - Submitted by Rick C.

Pete & Jim knock off work for the weekend, and since Jim's wife and son are out of town visiting her sister, Jim decides to spend the weekend at Pete's apartment for R&R, fun, and some good baseball games on the tube.

Before going Pete's place, Jim briefly stops by his home to pick up a few clothes and other goodies that he'll need to take to Pete's.  As he enters his house, he is ambushed by an unknown assailant. Jim's knocked unconscious and awakes to find himself held hostage at the mercy of a known drug dealer and his gang.

Will Jim survive his ordeal?

DR#5 DISASTER! - submitted by Leslie

Okay, Masonic Boom-Boom Brinkman's bad day hasn't ended. He was just trying to help, to be a good cop and carry some files down to records. It wasn't his fault that the cleaning crew had left a bucket full of dirty water in the stairwell. And it wasn't his fault he kicked it over, then slipped on the wet floor. And it certainly wasn't his fault that all the files slid out of their folders and got so soaked they're unreadable. But nonetheless, Mac's laid down the law. Brink has to come up with the paperwork that goes in each folder. All he's got to go by are the titles, so he's putting out an officer needs help to all Adam-12 fic writers to assist him in reconstructing the stories that go with these titles*:

*in other words, pick a title, any title, and write a story to go with it!

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1.   Next Of Kin 

2.   Worst Case Scenario 

3.  Things Could Always Be Worse 

4.    Making A Difference 

5.    Absolute Confidence 

6.    High Stakes 

7.    How Did This Happen? 

8.    Crazy Like A Fox 

10.  Just Routine

11.  Think It Through, Jim

12.  Don't Go Where I Can't Follow

by KF Garrison

13.  Reflections

14.  Just Us Guys

15.  Where Wise Men Fear to Tread

16.  A Member of Our Family

17.  Strawberry Fox Decks Superman

18.  It's Just You and Me, Kid

19.  I've Got You Covered, Partner

20.  You Mean on Purpose?

DR# 6 - submitted by Erica

Reed has to pick up a prescription for his wife before going home. Since the pharmacy is in the Adam-12 district he has Malloy stop there near the end of the shift. After waiting for about 15 minutes, Malloy grows impatient and goes to see what is keeping his partner. Everything seems normal except for the fact that Reed is not in the store. To make matters worse the people deny seeing Reed come in, and he never picked up the prescription.

How and where did Reed disappear to? Why does everyone deny seeing him? 

NEW! DR#7 - submitted by Donna

A criminal is looking for revenge against Pete Malloy for his brother's death during a gun battle with police. He takes his time to thoroughly investigate Malloy so his revenge will have the most effect. How do you get back at a person like Pete Malloy and make him suffer the most? Not by going after Pete himself, but the one person closest to Pete....his friend, his "brother", his partner...Jim Reed! Reed is taken hostage and Pete suffers the consequences as he can only stand by and wait.