Submission Guidelines

Canon-based, well-written and well-developed stories, rated G/PG/PG-13 (no gratuitous sex, extremely graphic violence or exceptionally foul language, please. If it wouldn't have aired in 1970, it's not going to air on this family-friendly site.)

Send story submissions to as .rtf attachments. I will accept other file formats if you are running current anti-virus software on your computer. Jokes and Detective Division story starters can be submitted in the body of an email. ***Important change, even for those of you who have been submitting stories all along: please put "Adam-12 Story Submission" or "Joke submission" etc., in the subject line of your email, and in the body of the email identify yourself and give a brief summary of what you're sending. Someone out there with my email address apparently has the klez virus (I *don't* have it) and I'm now deleting unread any and all emails that have file attachments with odd or no subject headers and little or no information in the body of the email.

Absolutely no slash.

Regarding "owie" stories: I prefer you not kill off anyone, but if it's an outstanding story, I'll consider it for posting. (Note: "consider for posting" does not mean "I will post it". It means I'll read it and evaluate it and then decide if it's right for this website.)

Crossovers will be posted if they're plausible and make sense within the reality of Adam-12. An Emergency/Adam-12 cross or a Dragnet/Adam-12 cross (or a story crossing all three) I have absolutely no qualms about. Crossing Adam-12 with Battlestar Galactica . . . uh, I applaud your imaginative creativity in giving Captain Apollo a ride-along with Pete and Jim, but maybe you need to submit that to a different website.

Alternate Universe stories will be taken under advisement, but I prefer canon-based stories.

No "to be continued" stories unless I have the entire completed story in my hands. Series are fine . . . as long as each story in the series is complete and can stand alone.

Stories should be submitted in final draft form, with grammar and punctuation as correct as you can make it. If there are simply too many misspellings, grammar mistakes, confusing passages, point-of-view snafus and the like, I will return the story to you with a recommendation that you find a proofreader (beta reader) to help you out. If my time allows, I may be able to help you myself, although I'm finding that as the website grows, I have less and less time for helping improve poorly written stories. I will edit for clarity where needed.

I do reserve the right to reject stories that do not meet with the submission guidelines of the site.

No scripts, please, with the exception of parodies.

Original characters are fine as long as they're well-developed, not obvious self-insertions, and don't steal the show.

Regarding technical aspects of any story, be advised that I'm not a police officer, never have been, so I go by what I see in the show as a guide to police procedures, plus what research I've done in police work in general. I believe most fanfic writers are in the same boat, and errors in procedure or geography will probably occur. As long as the errors aren't blatant, dramatic license will definitely apply. Do the best you can, using the show and the information in R&I as a guide.