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Safe surf warning: The websites listed are all relatively family-friendly sites, but as with all Internet surfing, be aware that following a chain of links may eventually lead you to sites you may find objectionable.

Parents, don't let your children surf alone!

Tac 2 Adam-12 Fanfiction - The first Adam-12 fanfiction site on the web, back on the air after technical difficulties.

1-Adam-12... 1-Adam-12... - Information-packed new website all about 1-Adam-12.

- Adam-12 discussion list for Adam-12 fans of all ages.

The Official Kent McCord Home Page - back online and classy as ever.

Let's Talk Hookup - Martin Milner used to guest host this radio show. Information about Marty can still be found in the archives of the site. Includes live weekly broadcast and archived broadcasts.

Unofficial Kent McCord Fan Site - L.A. Christie's terrific website devoted to actor Kent McCord. Tons of great pictures and articles.

The Martin Milner Archives - L.A. Christie's equally terrific website devoted to actor Martin Milner, also filled with tons of great pictures and articles.

Life On The Beat - Homepage for Officer Russell, author of the popular "Last Night's Shift" e-letter. Tons of information about what real police work is all about.

Marnell's Home Page - Website containing a very informative history of the LAPD Communications Division. Also contains scanner links, a .wav file of the North Hollywood shootout, police & fire links, and a ton of other interesting "stuff". - Wonderful site about, what else? Cop cars! The January 2001 Car of the Month features the LAPD.

Erika and Rozane's Emergency! Home Page - Jam-packed with information and links about the Webb firefighting drama.