Conversations: A Set of Whosaidit Drabbles


KF Garrison

A "drabble" is a piece of 100 words or less. They can be related or random.

Author's Note: Most in this series of "Drabbles" will be dialog with no "tags" – that is, you won't have your speakers clearly identified. However, the seasoned Adam-12 fan should have little difficulty picking out Jim and Pete out of the dialogue "line up." Your mission is to identify the speakers and the EPISODE these drabbles relate to. Each drabble will be a "missing scene" from an episode. The missing scene could be placed before, during or after the particular episode. In some cases, the speakers will be discussing a third party – so you should identify that third party, too. These aren't too hard, so enjoy! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for answers.

Drabble #1

"You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah. I mean….I have to be, don't I?"

"How so?"

"It's required. No matter what happens, we deal with it. Carry on. Do the job."

"You did your job just fine. Did your duty. But now it's time to go home."

"I have a job there, too. I have to be even stronger."

"You're strong. Stronger than you realize."



"It's….hard. It hurts so bad."

"It's supposed to. You wouldn't be human if it didn't."

"I guess I'd better go get it over with."

"If you need me…you know where I am."

"I know. Thanks."



Drabble #2

"I think he has a screw loose."

"Who does?"

"Who else would I be talking about after what happened today?"

"Oh, him. I guess it's a possibility."

"You don't think so?"

"Like I said, it's possible. But I think it's just the way he is. Somehow he managed to pass the department pysch tests."


"You sure changed your tune about him."

"I learned something."

"That might be dangerous, considering the teacher."

"I learned enough to know I should apologize to you."


"You know."

"Reckon I do. Apology accepted."

"You're not sore?"

"Not as long as you learned something."




Drabble #3 This one is a single character "inside his head."

Waiting. I hate this waiting.

Give me something to DO.

If I don't get something to do I'm gonna lose it.

No. I can't lose it. I can't afford to lose it. HE can't afford it, either.

We just need a break. Just one break.

God, this waiting…it's killing me. Let something happen. ANYTHING.

No, check that. Not "anything." God, I didn't mean "anything", really.

I don't wanna hear a gunshot. Or him yelling in pain. Or see his body thrown out into the street like a dog. No, not that. Please not that.

Just one break…let this waiting end.





Drabble #4

"This was a rotten idea. I'm sorry you got dragged into this."

"Not your fault."

"My idea."

"You had no way of knowing any of this would happen."


"Forget it. Besides, some good came out of it."

"Yeah, but at what price?"

"A few jangled nerves."

"More than that, partner. Much more."

"It can be fixed."

"About that…"

"Don't you dare say what I know you're about to say."

"Sssh, you'll wake her up."

"Don't change the subject. On second thought, DO change the subject."

"I need to make this right."

"You already did. We're okay, thanks to you."




Drabble #5

"You sure he's okay? He looks uptight."

"He is uptight. He's as okay as he can be, under the circumstances."

"It's been a rough week for you both."

"There's the understatement of the year."

"Maybe you should talk to him before we get underway."

"Already said everything I can think of. You heard him a minute ago. He's frustrated, upset, angry that we have to go through all of this because of the thoughtlessness of a couple of immature jerks."

"A minute ago you felt sorry for them."

"Still do. And so does he. And that's part of the problem."


Drabble #1: Pete and Jim "It All Happened So Fast."
Drabble #2: Jim and Pete, "A Dead Cop…" (talking about Ed Wells, of course)
Drabble #3: Jim's thoughts, "Hostage." But it could just as easily be Pete's thoughts in "Trouble in the Bank."
Drabble #4: Pete and Jim "A Sound Like Thunder." Jean's the one sleeping, of course.
Drabble #5: Mac and Pete "Good Cop – Handle With Care." They, of course, are discussing Jim (assuming Jim had left Mac's office to go use the facilities or call his wife!)